"In 2010 I transitioned to the world of independent advisors from a small fraternal insurance company.  I was accustomed to direct contact with the entire underwriting department as well as strong relationships with all home office personnel.  Although I had used brokerage services for serveral years, it was only a small portion of my business.  Insurance Services Group has been amazing to work with!  We formed an immediate connection and I have always received personal attention.  They make my life simple by being the bridge between my practice and the companies that offer financial solutions for my clients."  - Agent
"ISG provides an unbiased approach to helping our financial advisors integrate the right product for the client's specific goals.  The key to a successful practice is leveraging your strategic business partners.  Our financial advisors want to focus on the client relationship and have access to product expertise when they need it.  ISG works to understand the unique needs of your business and provides on-going and personalized interaction and assistance to help our financial advisors grow their business their way."  - Broker Dealer President
"I love building long term lasting relationships with my clients.  My job is to focus on their needs.  That's why I appreciate my connection to ISG so much.  They focus on being the product experts and I focus on the client.  Together we have a great partnership and that enables us to find the best solution for the client's needs.  Serving my clients would be more difficult without the ISG Team!"  - NAIFA President
The ISG team does a great job supporting and being part of my practice from quoting a case through policy issue.  I know they want to help my clients as much as I do.  I have had a number of complex cases that I was able to place because of the expertise and help provided by the ISG team."  -Agent
"I can't imagine all the extra steps we'd have to trip through without the Professionals at ISG.  It would certainly change my day-to-day activity!"  - Agent Assistant
"Insurance Services Group (ISG) is the reason why our overall GDC has increased by 25% the last two years.  When there is an item or question we have regarding contracting, products, or cases we usually get an answer within the hour.  Any requested illstrations are always delivered on time and usually sooner than needed.  The friendly follow up on potenial cases and different delivery requirements are nice reminders, as we can get carried away with other appointments and clients.  Direct phone calls to various individuals inside ISG are usually answered on the first ring which continues to astonish me.  The reasons why ISG stands apart from the rest are the case design, personal attention, and their creativity.  We have learned from ISG that insurance isn't only for protecting assets, but can be used for creative investment solutions and income generation.  Without ISG our firm may have never sold an IUL or fixed index annuity.  They have not only done us a great service, but more importantly impacted our clients and their families with the product that best fits their needs."  - Agent
"From case design through underwriting and delivery, Insurance Services Group is a ROCK STAR!  Yes, all caps!  The team at ISG is consistenly attentive to detail and extraordinarily responsive to my inquiries and requests.  If you’re an insurance producer looking for a back office to assist you, look no further than ISG. I can personally recommend this team as instrumental to the efficiency and success of my practice in serving my clients.”  -Agent